Before purchasing a pressure washer, you must know a few things. The maximum PSI and GPM are important, but these figures are relative. Generally speaking, contractors use a high-pressure washer to clean their jobs, so GPM is more important than PSI. A low-pressure unit may be fine for one-time jobs, but you need to remember that this machine is also much louder than a manual one. You should wear hearing protection when working near a gas-powered pressure washer, but you don’t need it if you work far away from it.

Common uses of residential pressure washers

A residential pressure washer’s most common uses are to clean concrete and exterior walls. Other common uses include cleaning RVs, boats, fences, and screens. The higher the PSI and GPM, the better, but most homeowners won’t need more than 2000 PSI or 1.2 GPM. The flow rate and pressure ratings should reflect the size of the project you plan to use your pressure cleaner for. It is best to purchase a hose with substantial inlet filtration, as a smaller one may not be sufficient for larger jobs.

PSI Max rating is a common guideline

The PSI Max rating is a common guideline for comparison shopping. Although this is a useful guideline, don’t be fooled by it. The PSI Max isn’t the same as the working pressure, which is a much higher number. So, choose a pressure washer with a higher PSI and a lower PSI. Moreover, make sure that the pressure and water flow are in proportion to each other. If the pressure washer doesn’t have the correct water flow, the water won’t work properly.

A pressure washer’s power level depends on the distance between the spray tip and the surface. Increasing the distance from the surface will reduce the amount of force the surface feels. So, if you want to save space in your garage, opt for a smaller, lightweight model. It is important to remember that a small-sized washer will fit under the sink. Similarly, a larger pressure washer is difficult to store. If you’re not going to use it on a regular basis, opt for an electric one.

A pressure washer can be dangerous

It’s important to wear protective gear while operating it. It can be dangerous and may cause injury. Be sure to read all of the instructions and safety instructions carefully. You don’t want to harm yourself or your home. This tool can also be damaging to your body if you’re not careful. Always remember that a pressure washer’s working pressure is much higher than its PSI Max, so you should never exceed it!

Giraffe Tools has portable pressure washers

You must also be aware of the type of materials you’ll be cleaning. If you’re washing a car, it’s best not to use the pressure washer unless you’re certain you can remove all debris from the vehicle. The Giraffe Tools Portable Pressure Washer is a small, lightweight model. Unlike other models, it can easily be stored in a garage or on a shelf. If you’re using a gas-powered pressure washer, make sure you’re able to adjust the water flow to suit your needs.


A pressure washer that is a good option for you should be able to operate in both petrol and diesel modes. A gas-powered model with a cylinder with a high pressure rating will provide you with the necessary power to clean surfaces and cars, but if you’re looking for a battery-powered unit, make sure it has a fuel-powered engine. This will save you gas, and keep your water supply from running out.


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