EA sport has grown tremendously with various FIFA 23 trading platforms. In this FIFA market, there it is very important to be careful with whom to entrust your transactions with. Every lucrative industry like FIFA is subject to some fraudsters and ineffective service providers. Some FIFA fans choose to buy FUT 23 Coins with real money and hence require a very safe trading market. In this article we will identify some few factors to consider while choosing your FIFA trading marketplace.

Delivery Time

How long do you need to get a player at your team upon purchase? It should be immediately. Some FIFA traders may take up to 1 hour to deliver, which is quite unfortunate. Imagine when your gaming vibe is high and you need to put together your team and get delayed, it really sucks. Get a trading market that serves your game needs on time.


Reviews are another avenue to determine the trader’s performance. Reviews show the clients feedbacks upon the services rendered by the trader. Be advised to check the following factors; delivery efficiency, secure transactions, responsiveness to queries among others. Reviews will help you make informed decisions.

Game Servers

It is important to identify the services that the trader offers. Determine if the trader offers services aligned to your server-PS4, PS5, XBOX series or PC Points. Make sure you are served with the compatible game points.

Safe Trading Mediums

How safe is the trader’s trading mediums. Some trader use suspicious mediums that are not legit. As stated earlier, some players choose to trade FIFA Coins with real money. Therefore, there need to have a secure transaction mediums to facilitate safe transactions.

Risk Guarantee

With the development of the online trade, there is always a need for a risk guarantee. How is the trader willing to cater for liabilities in case of faults in the system or other mistakes? A risk guarantee speaks volumes about intent for genuine service and good customer service. Opt for a risk guaranteed trader.

Trader legitimacy

How do you identify if the trader is legitimate? Check if there is a contact section and copyright of the website. Ensure that you are using the contacts availed in the website for all the business. Another way to trace scammers is by visiting the review section. As noted earlier, the review section contains a lot of information about the conduct and legitimacy of the trader.

Customer Service

Just like any other service, the trader should be in a position to offer appropriate customer services to clients. How are your challenges handled, how responsive is your trader upon inquiry or emergencies? A positive customer service is a good indication of an easy trader to partner with. You can easily find this information either isolated in the service sections or in the comments and review section.


Getting a reliable FIFA product trader may make your gaming experience the best you can ever imagine. Following the above factors and others not highlighted you stand a better chance to have a wonderful gaming experience. Many players are falling victims of ignorance and enticement from fraudsters. You are now informed.


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