Everyone knows about hb pencil packs that are sold at stationaries. The graphite inside these pencils determine the darkness of the writing. If you’re a stationary operator or associated with a business related to stationary supplies, you might want to stock up your inventory with hb pencils because they have a high and steady demand worldwide. The ability to erase the incorrectly written content further increases the pencils’ popularity.

However, buying these pencils from the right place is highly crucial, which is why this article will list down a best hb pencil sourcing website Alibaba and several other variants of pencil that you can buy.

Pencil Variants & Uses

The term H in an HB pencil depicts hardness and B stands for Black. Usually, graphite pencils can be of 16 types by hardness, and they can be categorized into three different categories, which are detailed below.

1. 3B To 8B

The pencils ranging from 3b to 8b are meant for drawing and painting. Artists who’re into sketching and drawing pictures often use this type of pencil. The range 3b to 8b includes 6 shades of pencils from 3 to 8. Starting from 3B, you’ll notice increased depth, tone, and darkness in the pencils as you go up to 8B. The output of these pencils is somewhat light like a deep grey color.

2. H To 2B

Starting from H, this range of pencils go up to 2B with medians including B, F, and HB. There are 5 types of pencils in this range, which are best suited for general writing and drawing. The darkness is almost the same, only the difference is in the stroke thickness. As you go up from H to 2B, you’ll notice increased stroke thickness with minor variations. The stroke created by these pencils help create letters and alphabets for the best viewing experience, which is why pencils from this range are used for writing in general.

3. 6H To 2H

These pencils create a very light stroke and the stroke depth is somewhat similar to H to 2B range. There are 5 variants under the 6H to 2H range, which are ideal for creating technical drawings such as blueprints, rough sketches, diagrams, statistical charts, etc. That’s because the sketches and diagrams need to be erased and corrected more often, hence light stroke is the best. Going up from 6H to 2H will help achieve increased stoke width with each successor.

Buy From Alibaba

Now that you’ve understood that there are a lot of variants in the HB pencils, you must never miss out the opportunity to offer your dear customers with such a cool and exciting range of HB pencils. So how do you buy these items? Alibaba is the right answer. Visit Alibaba.com and buy the most exciting range of HB pencils offered by endless Chinese suppliers. There are a lot of reasons for preferring Alibaba rather than any other unreliable supplier or marketplace.


If you’re wondering why go for Alibaba, perhaps you might want to know that Alibaba secures transactions with a trade assurance. This means if the supplier fails to dispatch your order on time or shall you received inferior quality products, damaged products, incorrect count, or incorrect item, you’ll be eligible for a 100% refund. Moreover, you get global shipping, which further allows easy shopping online.


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