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Etched Glass Decals

Etched Glass Decal Morning Glory Decal and Morning Glory Corners
The look of
real etched glass
for a fraction of the cost!

Vinyl Etchings
Decals are:

Easy to Use!
Easy to apply!
Removable & Reusable!

Decals cling to any
smooth, flat, glass
or plexi-glass surface.

Etched Glass Decals
are available in ovals,
corners, borders, sidelights
& full door sizes.

View Etched Decal designs.

Finders Key Purse®
Key Chain

Never lose your keys again!
Being discontinued.
Order now while supplies last!

A key finder, key chain
and purse charm all in one!

Find your keys instantly
with our stylish
Finders Key Purse

High Heel Shoe Purse Key Finder Key Chain Purse Charm

A convenient way to locate
 your keys in a moment's
 notice with a fun charm for
 your purse or backpack.

The decorative purse hook
shows on the outside
of your purse with your
keys tucked safely inside.
No more digging for
your keys at the
bottom of your purse!

Collegiate Keyfinders

on sale now!!

Discontinued by the manufacturer. Order now before they're gone!

*** Go Gators! ***

View keyfinders here

3-D Fly-Thru
Window Magnets

All sports designs on sale now!

Neat fly through glass effect!

Fly Through Blue Bird

Magnetic bird ornaments
and other "fly-thru"
figurines appear to
fly right through
your window!
View Fly Thru Window Magnets

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Vinyl Etched Glass Decals
(static cling non-adhesive vinyl etchings)
The look of real etched glass for much less!


Static Cling Etched Decal Instructions

*IMPORTANT:  Read ALL Instructions Carefully Before Applying

  1. Clean hands thoroughly to prevent any dirt/oils from adhering to the surface of the decal. Also clean the area where decal will be applied thoroughly with window cleaner and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.    ***Note***    Do Not allow the backing paper that is against the decal to get wet!!!  If backing paper gets wet, you will not be able to remove the decoration from it and it will be ruined.

  2. Spray cleaned glass "very" liberally (the more liquid used - the easier the application) with water or glass cleaner before applying decoration. A substantial amount of moisture is required between the decal and surface to give an even appearance once fully dried.   Never install on a dry surface.

  3. With dry hands, peel the decal from the backing paper. Lightly spray the back side (shiny side) of decal with water or glass cleaner. This will prevent it from clinging to itself and aid in its application. REMEMBER it is necessary to place the side of the decal that is against the backing paper to the glass. It will not adhere on etched side! If patterns are to face one another and, left & right designs are not available, apply one to the interior and one to the exterior of the surface.

  4. Place the shiny side of the decoration against the wet surface and then position it by sliding and moving into the desired location. At this point you may also want to spray the outside of the decal that you will squeegee. This will allow the squeegee to "glide" over the decal easier. Using a rubber-tipped squeegee, plastic driver's license or credit card (making sure there are no rough edges), work from the center outward and squeegee out "all" the excess air and moisture. Then, wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.

  5. If any tiny bubbles appear between the decal and the surface, repeat Step 4, making sure to thoroughly wet the "surface" again and squeegee "all" of the moisture out. Any excess moisture should evaporate within a 24 hour period. 

PLASTIC WINDOWS: Interior application is recommended. Please check with the window manufacturer before applying window cleaner to any plastic surface. If window cleaner cannot be used, a very light soapy water solution is recommended for application and installation.

TINTED WINDOWS:  Your decoration may give a more desirable appearance on the exterior surface, especially if the tint is dark. This has no adverse effect on your decoration.


If, at any time bubbles occur (bubbles appear as little white dots), simply peel back the area affected and re-apply. Bubbles that are visible only from the glass side are due to insufficient moisture during application. Spray a generous amount of window cleaner to wet the glass and material before you squeegee.  If you come across a stubborn edge that won't continue to cling to the glass, just spray more liquid under the area of the decal and use a blow dryer on a medium or warm setting and squeegee again. 

Print Instructions for future use.



Vinyl Etched Decals are easily applied. Removable & Reusable.


Just peel, spray, apply and squeegee.

* Big Sale *
Panda Hats!!!

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A few
Panda Bear items.
Sports 3-D Fly-Thru
Window Magnets
and all 
Collegiate Sports Keyfinders

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